The Open Night and soldering workshop on Tuesday, March 27 went extremely well, thanks to our own Conall Cheevers, Marty McGranaghan and Trevor Power. About 10 people of all ages showed up, talked to us about what we were doing there, and had a go at soldering (some of them for the very first time), assembling their own tiny miLKlabs flashlights.

On Wednesday, March 28, the attendance for the Introduction to Arduino workshop surpassed any expectations. We asked people to register beforehand, because our space is limited and the participants needed desk space to be able to practice, this being a hands-on workshop. After registering 9 people (via comments on this site and the Facebook event), we had 17 people coming in on the night, 9 of them not having registered and 2 registered participants not showing up. We didn’t send anyone away – although we had to borrow chairs from our neighbours and cram everybody around the desks.

We have to thank Trevor Hogan for finding time in his busy schedule to run the workshop, between his teaching commitments in C.I.T. and his PhD work in Strathclyde. Conall Cheevers and Gabriela Avram supported him with the organisation (Gabriela) and with the running of the workshop (Conall). The feedback from the participants was excellent and people showed interest in similar events in the future.

The Tweasure Hunt on Sunday, April 1st, benefitted a lot from the nice sunny weather. The event was organised by Gabriela Avram in collaboration with Tara Robinson and Sharon Slater and it tried to combine the past and the present of Limerick in a fun, instructive and social event for individuals and families.  Four teams signed up on the day and after a short briefing with tea/coffee and cake at miLKlabs, they took to the streets to discover historical plaques, reenact old photos and talk to Tidy Towns volunteers at work on the streets of Limerick, tweeting back photos in order to gain points. A detailed description of the event, together with the photos will follow soon!

Our participation in the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival gave miLKlabs excellent exposure, due to the variety of promotion channels used by the organisers of the festival. People who otherwise wouldn’t have heard about us came through the doors, looked at the space, asked questions and might decide to come back for other activities. It also involved a lot of work from our part, but the participants’ reactions and feedback made it all worth it! Well done to everybody who was involved!

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